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She has been a Health Educator in the public school for 20 years. Amina earned her Black belt in WuShu Kung fu and was the Aerobic winner of Mrs. Maryland Amina also knows our health is not only what we see on the outside.

Amina was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which for very few becomes type 1. Managing this chronic condition can feel like taming a wild beast. This condition was part of the reason she started doing the Pilates movement system. Pilates has been the source of better blood sugar balance.This is why she became a certified Pilates trainer 16 years ago.  Strength from the core are the physical muscles in the body stemming from mental focus of the mind. Joseph Pilates calls this ‘Contrology.’ The 5 principles of pilates begin. Pilates has been the source of better blood sugar balance. We may all have a challenge difficult to tame.  Yours might be an addiction, weight, depression, arthritis, & etc.

It is hard to find balance amongst numerous demands of life.  Having a coach & being a part of a team will help you make S.M.A.R.T goals. Learn to love the rigor  every step of the way to tame that beast, find balance, achieve your goal with a resilient mental and physical Core.

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