We understand that adapting to new fitness habits takes time. Bad habits are hard to break because they’re familiar so we often give up. But Amina will push you to keep you on track & will remind you to believe in yourself because motivation must come from within. The Core Support team knows healthy habits practiced makes a new permanent lifestyle. The 1st objective of ABIM Core support  is to be a place for people who need help balancing chronic health conditions while striving to be build strength, endurance and flexibility with a fitness plan that is moving you towards the best you can be! 

 We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often fails. Our goal is to change your view of fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. We will work with you to keep you on track & cheerfully motivated at Amina’s Balance In Motion.


Do you know where to find the essential nutrients our bodies need verses satisfying your appetite?  The new article gives you facts about foods your body  can use to counter the challenge of Diabetes and excess weight .  Read and think, then act.




I have been living with type 1 Diabetes for 25 years. As a Diabetic and Pilates practitioner I have learned to use this mind body system as a discipline. A discipline that helps me stay attuned to my mind and body's core. The 1st objective of this support team is to connect individuals, who are on the brink of, or have, this condition, so I may share how a strong mental core paired with an equally solid physical core is the only way this mindbody movement system  can work for us struggling to balance BS (blood sugar!).Preventing or managing this chronic condition is based on recognizing more than just behaviors that are problematic. These kinds of habits spark our BS highs and BS lows making us feel like we have no control over balance while life just keeps going through the motions. We all know ‘too much of anything is not a good thing.’ As people with a chronic condition balance is the key. But unless you can get down to the mental core, the root, the triggers of those comfort seeking bad habits while at the same time, as a team we focus on the physical core, then you’re are just going through the motions. This takes time  but with support you are able  progress with strength growing from all of the muscles in the center where the body really generate control. This is what Core Support will strive to build in you to navigate  the waves & manage BS with mind & body balance while in motion